Family Support Services

These services focus on the needs of the family of the active user often involve counselling, advice and guidance to deal with the trauma and issues associated with discovering a loved one is involved with drugs.

The services helps the family members to deal with self-blame, the reaction of others, create positive coping strategies and build their capacity to respond. The groups encourage peer support and practical help by developing a social network for families dealing with active drug use. The groups are continually open to new members.
For information on a group in:


Weekly meetings in Dublin are held on Tuesday’s, 7.30pm to 9.30pm, at the MQI Open Access Centre, Riverbank Building, 13 Merchants Quay, Dublin 8. Those wishing to attend please call either William Carroll (0861832343) or Lynda Murtagh (0861832346) in advance to confirm. Alternatively, please email or


  • Longford / Westmeath services – 085 274 9983.
  • Laois / Offaly services – 087 292 5727  

What if you found out that someone in your family was using drugs or alcohol, or having any kind of dependency issue? What would you want to know? Where would you go for support? 
There are approximately 20,000 heroin users in Ireland, each with a family of his or her own – multiplying the suffering from drug use by two, three, four or more people. To the nearly 300 families who came to Family Support Services at Merchants Quay Ireland last year, we brought practical help and new hope.

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