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Can your company help support Ireland's hungry and homeless – linking with MQI can be a great way to support the community, strengthen team bonds and enhance company reputation.

Make Merchants Quay Ireland Part of Your Company's Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy

For Merchants Quay Ireland the support of the business community is vital to the work we do. There are many different ways for companies of all sizes to get involved and support the work of Merchants Quay Ireland. Whether you are the company director, owner or staff member, you can help provide the invaluable support to care for Ireland’s poorest and most forgotten.

Why Get Involved

Social Responsibility

By supporting Dublin Merchants Quay Ireland, your company will demonstrate in a very practical way that you and your staff care about homelessness and those struggling with addiction that you and your staff are prepared to do something about it.

Your company’s commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is proven in the way it acts with all of its stakeholders and the local community – in a way that goes beyond its financial and legal obligations. A company that actively pursues Corporate Social Responsibility is a company that incorporates social and environmental concerns into its day-to-day business.

Corporate Social Responsibility can benefit your business in several ways, including;

  • Attracting and keeping customers
  • Increasing brand value and recognition
  • Attracting and keeping staff
  • Improving corporate governance
  • Increasing revenues

By supporting Merchants Quay Ireland you are showing your commitment to the community. A partnership with Merchants Quay Ireland will fulfil the community aspect of your Corporate Social Responsibility commitments. Such a partnership will involve your company and staff with a charity that is making a tremendous difference to people’s lives in Ireland. Homeless people come to Merchants Quay Ireland for many reasons – shelter from the cold or rain, a meal, a hot cup of tea, basic health care or help finding accommodation.

Benefits for you and your staff:

  • Enhanced staff morale and team development
  • The opportunity to give back
  • Community support and goodwill
  • Marketing/Networking opportunities
  • Involvement in a cause you believe in

​How Your Company Can Get Involved

Charity of the Year

By adopting Merchants Quay Ireland your company's Charity of the Year, you can build a strong personal relationship with a charity that promises to care for Ireland’s poorest and most forgotten.  Adopting Merchants Quay Ireland as your preferred charity over a period of time will help to forge a more personal relationship with us, as well as a greater understanding of the work we do. It will facilitate the time it takes for your company to get the full benefit from a sustained relationship. Merchants Quay Ireland will work to develop a programme of activities that match your company's Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.

Corporate Giving

Corporate giving is a vital source of support to Merchants Quay Ireland. All corporate donations to Merchants Quay Ireland are eligible for tax relief at the corporate rate, reducing the actual cost of the donation. Corporate donations can be made to support any individual service you can also allocate your donation to a specific project or you can sponsor one of our Fundraising Events.

Gifts in Kind

Do you have unwanted clothes, end-of-line stock or second-hand? A 'gift in kind' donation is a great way for your company to support Merchants Quay Ireland.

Whether you are a retailer, manufacturer, agent, distributor or wholesaler - if you have clothes then you can help

A clean pair of socks. A warm pair of gloves; At MQI’s Drop-In-Centre, basic care items many of us take for granted are supplied free to our rough sleepers.

Always needed

  • Men’s Jocks and Socks
  • Ladies Underwear and Socks
  • Towels (Hand & Bath)
  • Miniature “hotel-sized” soaps and shampoos
  • Disposable Razors and Shaving Foam/Gel
  • Toothbrushes/Toothpaste
  • Hats, scarves and Gloves for Winter

Volunteering – Chef for a Day

Merchants Quay Ireland works with the most marginalised people in Dublin and provides over 75,000 meals per year. In our new Riverbank Open Access Centre on Merchants Quay, Dublin 8 we have the opportunity to provide hot nourishing meals for over 200 people a day, 7 days a week. Your staff can volunteer in our Open Access supervised by the chef and staff and help prepare a hot meal for our clients. Volunteers will assist the chef in preparation and serving of the meals. Part of the meal can include making a dessert such as cake or biscuits as a special treat for the clients.

How We Can Work Together

Merchants Quay Ireland Fundraising team will be delighted to develop a relationship with your company and to tailor a fundraising programme which will effectively benefit both MQI and your Company. We will ensure our tailor-made programme will meet your objectives and can be integrated into your plans.

If you think your company would like to be involved with Merchants Quay Ireland please contact the team on (01) 524 0139 or email

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