Charity Tax Back

Give again for free........all that's required is a few moments of your time. With your help, MQI can claim a 45% tax refund from Revenue on donations from supporters who give €250 or more in any given year.


Download and complete a CHY3 Enduring Form today. Here's how it works.

  • Whether you are PAYE or Self-Assesed, from 1st January 2013, Merchants Quay Ireland can claim tax relief on your donation.
  • If your donations amount to €250 or more in a calender year they could be woth an extra 45% to Merchants Quay Ireland.
  • By signing the CHY3 enduring form Merchants Quay Ireland can claim tax relief on your donations (totalling €250 or more in any year) for a 5 year period (if tax has been paid).
  • This at no extra cost to you the donor!
  • The CHY3 enduring form does not commt you to pay anything - it simply enables tax relief if you donate €250+ in any of the 5 years.
  • If you prefer you can complete a CHY4 form. This form lasts for just one year and a new form would have to be completed each year your donations total over €250 or more.

How tax relief can grow your donation - how the value of your donation can grow when completing a tax back form and returning it to Merchants Quay Ireland.

The value of a donation amount of ...increses (after tax claim) to
    €250     €362
    €500     €724
    €1000     €1,449

If you have any questions about the Charity Tax Relief scheme you can call Sean on 01 524 0139 or email

Thank you so much for your support.

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