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Through the eyes of Merchants Quay Ireland’s dedicated staff at Christmastime.

Mags, on the tender mercy one client left behind ...
“I’ll call him Cathal. In the mornings, he’d come in completely frozen. But he would share whatever he had, even his tea. ‘Here, take a sip of mine,’ he’d say. Even though he was a grown man, you could see the innocent child in him. He had children, and you could see he didn’t want to be where he was. He’d apologise to us, and thank us. He wanted to get drug free, to have the key to his own door. He dreamed of a motorbike. But society had
passed him over. He was a tall lad – and softhearted. If he’d found somebody out in the streets or he knew somebody that was in dire straits, he’d bring them in and introduce us. ‘I have to leave now,’ he’d tell them, ‘but you’re in good hands. Merchants Quay will look after you now.’ He died out in the streets. When we heard, we were devastated. I can tell you we will always remember him, he left so much good behind.” 

Your Christmas gift of €25 will help Mags provide a hot meal, crisis care and a sleeping bag for everyone who comes to us this winter. Give by 31 December and your gift doubles to €50.


Bernie, on how it’s never to o late to change...

“I’ve had several clients that I hadn’t seen for quite a while, and I’d been worried about them. Then one day they come in to see us, looking like a million dollars. ‘I’m at a course now,’ they’ll say, or ‘I’m back with my family again,’ or ‘My life is completely turned around thanks to MQI.’ People often think it can’t happen, for someone to be down and out, thinking they’re too far gone or that they’re no good to anyone. But I’m here at Merchants Quay a very long time now and I can say firsthand that it absolutely does happen. People do change. It’s the supports we provide for them – in addition to the meal, and the clothing if we have it to spare – to have the outreach and the contact worker and the counsellor. The doctor, the dentist, the drug free recovery programmes, the aftercare. I couldn’t live with myself if I hadn’t made sure they had all the supports. With our help, they really can come out the other side, and they do. Everyone here has a passion for the work at Merchants Quay.”

Your Christmas gift of €50 will help Sharon, Mick, and Bernie provide dry socks and shoes, good trousers, clean underwear and warm jackets to vulnerable men and women this winter. Give by 31 December and your gift doubles to €50.


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